We are Talenthouse

Talenthouse is a network of creative platforms aimed at building a barrier-free space for your talent.  

We are a global commons.
Made up of your creativity.

Just popping in to say we are now officially one company, woven together, so you can create freely. 

This means only good things for you

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Expansive creativity

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Meet our constellation of creativity

We are a network of platforms that share one vision. To generate great opportunities for our community of creatives to earn, learn and be inspired.

Each has a unique point of view, and offers services tailored to help you create freely.

The home of creative talent

Job portal with bespoke creative projects

Building brand narratives
through stock photography

Embracing the power
of the collective imagination

The tools you need to manage your business so you can create freely

Empowering entertainment creatives to thrive independently

Mixed reality projects with future thinking brands

For videographers
with a vision

Your creative platform
where you make the rules

Your creative platform
where you make the rules

Music industry’s most popular platform to collaborate with Creatives

Take your place amongst our stars

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Conjure your future & design your journey

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Each platform offers specific services to brands, and has its own unique community.

This is where you will find like-minded Creatives to contribute, grow and evolve.

Stroll onto the platforms that resonate most with you and your creative skills. Just create an account and start submitting.


Push the limits of your reach with Talenthouse

Work with all brands big and small that share your values.


Everything we do is about you

We are confident about this vision because we’ve built a firm foundation. Get to know more about us, and how we plan to do more for you in the future.


We want to hear from you

Ask us anything about our creative community and opportunities to enrich your visual offering.

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Will I now be able to take part in other platforms projects?
Do I need to create a new account on the other platforms, or will we have one signed-in account for all platforms?
Will my current platform change?
What will happen with my data + info?
What will happen with my current user account?